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Our Finance Department

The Director of Finance shall have charge of the administration of fiscal affairs of the Municipality and the jurisdiction in such matters shall extend over all departments, commissions, boards, and over all officers and employees of the Municipality. She shall serve as financial advisor to the commissions of the municipality. She shall have authority and responsibility to examine and audit the accounts of all officers, employees, boards, and commissions of the Municipality. She shall have such other duties and powers as are given by law to the City Auditor and City Treasurer of a city which are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Charter. She shall assist the Mayor in the preparation of estimates, budgets, and appropriations; report to Council monthly or more often as required by Council concerning the financial affairs of the Municipality. She shall perform such other duties as the Mayor or Council may impose, consistent with the office of Director of Finance.

Finance Director Gibson 2017 


Finance Director
Patti Gibson
(330) 637-4263

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