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Administration Office:
ph: 330-637-3916
400 North High Street
Cortland, Ohio 44410

Public Notices & Bid Postings


  • Bulk Gasoline Bids (regular and non-leaded pump price)
    Sealed bids will be received by Clerk of Council of the City of Cortland at 400 North High Street, Cortland, OH 44410 no later than Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. One year beginning April 1, 2021. Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. By direction of Council – Resolution R-03-21 – Passed January 4, 2021
    Letter and Form for Prospective Bidders

  • Sale of Vehicles and Miscellaneous Equipment
    Notice is hereby given that the City of Cortland, Ohio will utilize an internet auction for the sale of surplus vehicles and miscellaneous equipment. The Police, Fire and Service Departments have the need to dispose of surplus property that is no longer needed for public use, obsolete or deemed unfit for the use it was required. Items may include but are not limited to personal property such as motor vehicles, road machinery, equipment, tools, supplies and furniture. Items to be disposed will be posted on the on-line auction sites such as, and  By direction of Council ~ Resolution R-04-20 ~ Passed January 6, 2020
    There are currently no items for sale


  • Until further notice, Cortland City Council Meetings will be held electronically and will not be accessible to the public in person, but instead, through the Zoom video conferencing which will allow the public to attend and participate. A link to each meeting will be posted on the city website under the "Newflash" and in the weekly eNews.