PARKS & RECREATION BOARD             November 12, 2012





The City of Cortland Parks & Recreation Board met on Monday, November12, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High St., Cortland, Ohio.  In attendance were the following board members:  Frank Daugherty, Dave Christner, Shane Mealy and John Picuri.  Also present were Mayor Curt Moll and Service Director Don Wittman.


John Picuri made a motion to approve minutes from the October 8, 2012 meeting, seconded by Dave Christner.   ALL AYES,   MOTION APPROVED


John Picuri made a motion to accept with regrets Mike Norton’s resignation from the Parks & Recreation Board, seconded by Dave Christner.  ALL AYES, MOTION APPROVED.


There was a discussion regarding the vacant Chairman position.  Since the board is not meeting in December, it was decided to table until the January meeting.



Willow Park


  • City Council has passed the second reading of the Board’s recommended change to the Park Rules regarding no animals on play surfaces – third reading will be November 19th and then would go into effect 30 days after that.   No signs will be posted this year.  For the next meeting in January Don will have Sign Copy for approval.    The board would like to see a City of Cortland heading in reverse color from the rules (Heading: white on blue, rules: blue on white).


Pearl Park


  • Contract has been awarded to R.T. Vernal Paving for the parking lot.  They want to get done this year.
  • John does not see anything moving forward at this time with LOSA’s plans.  Could pursue Nature Works Funding but if submit in February would not get until October.
  • Still plan on pulling out one set of swings.  Mayor would like to see more benches.
  • Also need to remove and replace fence on W. Side.
  • Discussing regarding building shed at Pearl Park like the one at Willow Park.  Several questions need to be answered first – size, material, shelving, where to place etc.





Eastlake Park


No updates.  Plan it still to wait on parking lot before moving any dirt.


Other Issues


  • There was a discussion on the Community Sign by Speedway and desire to update the sign preferably to an electronic sign.  The board would like to see a quote on an electronic insert – Preference is for two color sign with static message.  Will not scroll.
  • Christmas lights in parks and gazebos – the board will continue to support the beautification committee. 



Dave Christner made a motion to adjourn, seconded by John Picuri.  ALL AYES, MOTION APPROVED.


Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.





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