PARKS & RECREATION BOARD             March 12, 2012




The City of Cortland Parks & Recreation Board met on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High St., Cortland, Ohio.  In attendance were the following board members:  Mike Norton, John Picuri, Frank Daugherty and Shane Mealy; absent was Dave Christner.  Also present were Mayor Curt Moll and Service Director Don Wittman.                  


Frank Daughtery made a motion to approve minutes from the February 13, 2012 meeting, seconded by John Picuri.   ALL AYES,  MOTION APPROVED


Pearl Park

  • Next meeting walk-through at Pearl Park tentative.
  • John Picuri updated LOSA/LAC status.  Working out drawing responsibility;  may do dug-outs first.


Eastlake Park

  • ODOT has staked parking area.
  • ODOT environmental to perform review of site for issues.
  • Hoover Excavating to look at moving some dirt. They also did Pearl Park earth moving.
  • Agreement compliance brought up. John Picuri will follow up with Zach to make sure Metro Parks is following agreement with ODNR.


Willow Park

  • No update



  • Easter Egg Hunt – Summarized Dave’s email.  Money will be advanced.

Frank Daugherty made a motion to advance Michelle DeProfio $900 for Easter Egg Hunt, seconded by John Picuri.  ALL AYES, MOTION APPROVED.


  • Cortland Community Clean Up Day – Will set date at next meeting. Looking to see if there is a commitment.  John Picuri will check with Boy Scouts Cub Leader.


John Picuri made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Frank Daugherty.  ALL AYES, MOTION APPROVED.


Meeting Adjourned: 5:45 p.m.



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Mike Norton, Chairman                       Date                           Rhonda Horn, Secretary