The Council of the City of Cortland met in regular session on Monday, Oct. 17, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. with Council President Stocz presiding.  Members of Council present were, Dennis Linville, Kevin Piros, Diana Sweeney, Terry Tackett and James Woofter.  Absent was Deidre Petrosky.  Also present were Mayor Moll, Law Director Wilson, Finance Director Moyer and Fire Chief Novakovich


A motion to approve council minutes from the Oct. 3, 2011 meeting was made by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilman Linville.  ROLL CALL -  Woofter, aye; Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, abstain; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, abstain.  MOTION PASSED


A motion to approve the schedule of bills to be paid totaling $ 24,146.95 was made by Councilman Woofter and seconded by Councilman Piros.  ROLL CALL -  Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye.  MOTION PASSED


RESOLUTION R-33-11 -  a resolution authorizing the Mayor of the City of Cortland, Ohio to place his signature on the replat of lots 1 and 2 of Ainsley Plat No. 1., new lots known as lot 1A and 2A was read and moved by Councilman Woofter and seconded by Councilwoman Sweeney. 


COUNCILMAN PIROS -  What is this for?


MAYOR – There were two lots side by side and Ainsley owned one and one was owned by another couple.  At one point in time they traded some land so they could have a notch out of that corner for a garden and now they are straightening the lots out and making them square.  I don’t think there has been any money changing hands.  It is just an adjustment to the plat.


ROLL CALL ON R-33-11 -  Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye.  RESOLUTION PASSED


RESOLUTION R-34-11 -  a resolution authorizing the Clerk of Council to advertise for the sale of equipment deemed not necessary in the police, service and fire departments according to the Ohio Revised Code was read and moved by Councilman Tackett and seconded by Councilman Piros.  ROLL CALL -  Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent.  RESOLUTION PASSED


ORDINANCE 0-51-11 -  an ordinance amending 0-27-11 establishing the terms of employment of the water/sewer billing clerk of the City of Cortland, Ohio was read and moved for third reading by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilwoman Sweeney.  ROLL CALL -  Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye.  ORDINANCE PASSED THIRD READING


ORDINANCE 0-52-11 -  an ordinance amending ordinance 0-32-11 to approve and authorize a revision to the collective bargaining contract between the City of  Cortland and the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association was read and moved for third reading by Councilman Woofter and seconded by Councilman Piros.  ROLL CALL -  Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye.  ORDINANCE PASSED THIRD READING



                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011


ORDINANCE 0-54-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract with Foust Construction Inc., for the Heritage Heights Storm Sewer Improvements Project was read and moved by Councilman Linville and seconded by Councilman Piros.  A motion to suspend the rules was made by Councilman Woofter and seconded by Councilman Piros.  ROLL CALL ON SUSPENSION OF RULES -  Woofter, aye; Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye.  ROLL CALL ON 0-54-11 -  Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye.  ORDINANCE PASSED IN EMERGENCY


ORDINANCE 0-55-11 – an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter a contract with Century Link Sales Solutions for a new phone system for the Administration Building and Police Department was read and moved by Councilwoman Sweeney and seconded by Councilman Tackett.  A motion to suspend the rules was made by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilman Tackett.


COUNCILMAN LINVILLE -  Donna, what is our spending limit now for the Mayor.  We have changed that a couple of times in the last 10 or 15 years.


CLERK OF COUNCIL -  $2,500 without an ordinance.   That goes for all department heads.  I am allowed also but I don’t have any money.


COUNCILMAN PIROS -  When do you anticipate getting this replaced.


MAYOR - They seem to be pretty much ready to go.


COUNCILMAN PIROS – Is Century Link the same company that does residential?


MAYOR -  Yes.  The biggest concern and all the people who work for me expressed the same concern and they would like to see a local company that they can get onsite quickly to do repairs.  I looked at their prices and compared them and they are extremely competitive.  This will provide a service contract


COUNCILMAN PIROS -  Who is our phone service through now?


MAYOR -  The company is out of Columbus and one around Pittsburgh.


FIRE CHIEF -  If I may add to that Mayor, different issues the fire dept. has had we have to jump through hoops just to get service from them.  I know our dept. would love to see this.


MAYOR -  This doesn’t include the fire dept. at this time but down the road we will look at it.  We decided not to do theirs right now because the fire dept. has a backup generator so their phones are always working.


ROLL CALL ON SUSPENSION OF RULES ON 0-55-11 -  Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye.  ROLL CALL ON 0-55-11 -  Petrosky, absent; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye.  ORDINANCE PASSED IN EMERGENCY

                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011



MAYOR -  Just a reminder that we are going to celebrate Halloween on Halloween this year from 6-8.


COUNCILMAN PIROS -  How is the uploading of the documents to the website going?


MAYOR -  We are making very good progress and Donna is still working on adding the documents.  I started with training with the staff here and hopefully  we will complete that in the next couple of weeks.  I have had one person from fire and police interested so hopefully they can have their own pages.  It seems to be working well. 





OFFICER ANDREWS -  You received our monthly report and in addition we are going to have a full compliment out for Halloween.  All five cars will be out with officers and one of the shifts will be paid for through a grant.  So eight hours will be paid through the State.  We will also have probably two reserves out and will probably be on foot so we will actually have seven officers.  We should do pretty well with that.  If you have any questions I will entertain them.


MAYOR -  Where will they be on foot?


OFFICER ANDREWS -  Probably in the residential.  One in Heritage Heights and one in Shepherds Hill and they will be giving out candy.


COUNCILMAN WOOFTER -  Someone said to me this past week that they thought they saw officers walking on foot doing foot patrol.  Are they doing that now?


OFFICER ANDREWS -  Yes, especially at night the guys are getting out a lot more.  We had a rash of break-ins on Main St. and we had a suspect and by using as bike and we were actually able to get a video.  The guys have been out more with the nice weather and checking doors and you would be surprised what we find open.


COUNCILMAN WOOFTER -  Is the Chief still on vacation?


OFFICER ANDREWS -  As of now he is still on vacation. 



FIRE CHIEF -  We also have submitted our monthly report and if there are any questions I will gladly field them for you. A little bit about the fire dept. and what is going on there.  We have one class left of the basic refresher class and there is 1-1/2 weeks left of the paramedic refresher and then we will wrap up both of those classes here in the month of Oct.  Most likely it will be the beginning of the year before we see any additional classes.  Once we hit January we will hit it pretty hard.  If you have any questions I will gladly entertain them.


                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011




PRESIDENT STOCZ -  This evening we have Tom Harwood from the “Friends of Trumbull Transit”.

TOM HARWOOD -  Thank you very much Council President and  Councilmembers. It is a pleasure to be here.  When I first moved up to Trumbull County from Arizona I lived in condo on Fowler St. here in Cortland.  I love Cortland and it is a great town.  My name is Tom Harwood and my wife and I live in Niles, Ohio and I am speaking very briefly on behalf of the Trumbull County Transit Levy which is on the ballot this Nov. There is a power point presentation which is in front of councilmembers and I will leave one for the fire and police chiefs.  Everyone will get information in the mail. There is a ballot issue to generate 1.5 million dollars per year for public transportation for the county.  I would like to bring us up to where we are and why we need the levy.  In 2003 the Niles Trumbull Transit started thanks to the Mayor of Niles, Ralph Infante.  He and Darlene St. George and a couple of other folks figured out there was a demand in the Niles, Girard, Liberty, Howland areas for about 3,000 demand response trips for seniors.  That is how it started out, just for seniors.  By the time the senior levy passed and funding was specifically  provided in the levy for senior transportation, we figured that the whole world of demand/response for seniors in Tr. Co. was about 18,000 trips.  We figured the $460,000 in the senior levy would pay for these trips.  Last year we had over 80,000 trips.  We are victims of our own success.  We have outgrown the City of Niles ability to administer the public transportation system.  The county has been using carryover funds generated by the senior levy to support both elderly affairs transportation and Niles Trumbull Transit for the past 2-1/2 years.  Come Jan. 1  there are no more carryover funds available, so those 80,000 trips are in real jeopardy.  That is why we have a levy.  Today if you add Niles Trumbull Transit and Elderly Affairs Transportation being merged together by the new Trumbull County Transit Board.  Contracted trips also include Salvation Army trips through the Tr. Co. Mental Health Board.  I would like to give you a brief run down.  I am not asking for an endorsement but  I am going in front of every elected official in Trumbull County so you will know what is going on so that if people ask you, you can say I heard this guy and you can call him up and he will tell you why this is on the ballot.  Come Jan. 1 if the levy does not pass, they only money available is the $460,000 and that is a problem because if federal funding ends, which it would if the levy doesn’t pass and all the grants we are receiving fail because we won’t have the levy to off set the grants, the only thing available is the $460,000 which by itself will only support about 12,000 disabled senior trips.  The current breakdown in Trumbull County Transit is:  32,000 senior trips for men and women 65 years or older.  Of those 13,300 are disabled seniors who need assistance from inside their homes to wherever they are going.  Mostly to doctor’s offices, hospitals, and dialysis centers.  On top of that we have around 22,000 trips for disabled and handicapped adults who are younger than 60.  We also provide transportation through the Tr. Co. Educational Service Center for high school students who are handicapped in some way to go to work sites or rehab centers.  We also provide trips through the Tr. Co. Mental Health for the Salvation Army and if you add it all together we are about 80,000 trips.  We have never had the money to simply open up and see what the real demand in Tr. Co. for transportation is.  We want to and I used to be the Chair of the Senior Services Advisory Board and for the 6 ½ yrs I served I was Chair for 4-1/2 yrs.  We figured that of the 32,000 senior trips we underserved about 10,000 or 15,000 trips.  Of the disabled and handicapped transportation ( a lot of that is in Warren) we figure we served half of the handicapped and disabled community.  The new transit board, and I can’t speak for them because I am not on it, but having met with them that there is not an interest or desire in running big empty busses in Tr. Co.  So the system that we run we want to support is what we currently have and that is where we pick someone up

                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011


at their home and take them to a place.  We do prioritize dialysis trips. Here is what happens when the levy passes and we believe the levy will pass, if not now in March.  Because Cortland is a participating community, each year you give a certain amount of money and when the levy passes you will no longer do that.  The whole county is a participating community if the levy passes.  So the $1.50 ride the senior pays in Cortland today is a $1.50 ride any senior will pay anywhere in Trumbull County.  That $1.50 ride will  also apply to disabled and handicapped adults and children.  Now if you are in a non-participating community you would pay $4.00 to $8.00 for a trip, today it is $3.50.  When the levy passes county wide non disabled handicapped adults younger than 60 can go anywhere Trumbull County for $3.50.  That is tremendous and how will we be able to do that?  It is because we will be able to sit at the table for the first time with WRTA as an equal.  That is the busing company in Youngstown who controls the federal funding.  Trumbull County last year got $530,000 and we figure with the levy passing we will be able to qualify for over $900,000 with the federal funding.  Because we are not running big buses and because it is a demand/response system we will be able to take advantage of rideshare and mobility management technology that is already being implemented and installed in all the buses that Trumbull Transit currently uses.  That means that at any given time the dispatcher will be able to click on a vehicle that is moving people around, see who the driver is, see who is in the vehicle, what the destination is and if someone else needs picked up along the route. That way we will be able to maximize the money that we will be generating.  That is called ride sharing.  We  think and it is a fairly educated guess that the real world demand for ride system we have in Trumbull County is not the 80,000 trips  but it is more like 120,000 to 125,000 trips.  We do know  the demand will go up once this starts.  We anticipate shuttles to take students not just to the Trumbull Kent Campus but the Portage system will have a meeting place for them and we will be able to get the students back and forth.  We will run a Penguin express to the Youngstown campus.  We will have pickup points in Trumbull County.  We want links with Sharon/Hermitage transit system because in the eastern part of the county, Brookfield, Masury, Hubbard, there is a big demand to get people to doctors and hospitals in Sharon and Hermitage.  Since we already take people to Mahoning County hospitals and dialysis centers, that won’t change.  We want to have a once a week shuttle to the Cleveland Clinic and the Presbyterian in Pittsburgh.  All those things are what we have planned if the levy passes.  We have exciting things to look forward to.  If the levy doesn’t pass and Jan. 1 rolls around and the transition agreements are not agreed to, then we will have to start over.  The new Trumbull Transit Board is not going to roll over.  We will have to start over and re-create from scratch everything that we have already created.  That will delay us  in getting back up and delivering the level service we currently are.  We  need the levy to pass.  We expect the new transit board by the 25th to agree to everything that is involved in the transition agreement so the flow of federal dollars will be uninterrupted.  I am very hopeful and I think we are going to do surprisingly well. I have yet to hear any real objections.  The current money is not enough.  It was when we thought 20,000 trips but not we are looking at 80,000 trips.  We are demonstrating that there is a real demand for it.  I want to thank Cortland and would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you.  The City of Cortland  has been a strong steadfast participant in the Niles Trumbull Transit System.  On a every week basis we take people from Cortland to every township in Trumbull County.  We take 30-40 from Mesopotamia to every place in Trumbull County.  It has been through the visionary and selfless sacrifices of communities like Cortland to allow this to grow like it has.  I want to thank you in advance for  your support because we need it.  Most importantly you will talk it up because it is needed and I thank you very much for your time.


                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011


COUNCILMAN WOOFTER -  What is the cost of the levy going to be?


TOM HARWOOD -  It is a .5 mil levy on a home valued at $100,000 it is a little under $16.00 a year  so about $1.40 a month.


CLERK OF COUNCIL -  Is this a permanent levy?


TOM HARWOOD -  No, we have to prove our way just like with the senior levy.  If we  weren’t doing our job we didn’t deserve having the levy renewed and this is the same way.  You will never get Ralph Infante or the rest of us not to earn our stripes and prove ourselves each time.


CLERK OF COUNCIL -  How many years for this levy?


TOM HARWOOD -    I am sorry, five years.


COUNCILMAN WOOFTER -  Did I understand you to say if this levy passes the city contribution goes away.


TOM HARWOOD -  Yes sir that is correct.


MAYOR -  We started out at a $1.00 per person and now it is $0.50 per person.


COUNCILMAN WOOFTER – So it is 0.50 times 7,000. 


COUNCILMAN PIROS -  What are the hours of the transportation?


TOM HARWOOD – Currently it is about 11 1-/2 hours a day, roughly from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  There are special routes and we have runs 24 hours a day to job sites like Lordstown.


MAYOR -  Is this going to eliminate the Elderly Affairs buses?


TOM HARWOOD – The plan that we have proposed but the new Trumbull Transit Board can do as they choose.  We have suggested and what community busing has offered they will purchase from the county all the equipment and every person who currently works for Elderly Affairs and Transportation has already been offered a job. No one will lose their jobs and the equipment that the county owns. Muni Busing has offered to purchase from the county so the county has a real  benefit.


MAYOR -  It doesn’t seem efficient to run two separate busing.


TOM HARWOOD -  No sir it is not.  Last year the county spent $610,000 on transportation for Elderly Affairs to run 13,300 trips.  You can’t do that.  Niles Trumbull Transit only got $635,000 and that was for 64,000 trips and that is what we are trying to replace because the county doesn’t have the money anymore so what we are doing is replacing that money with the levy.  We are trying to lower the fares and make is as easy for people who want to use it as possible.

                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011


COUNCILMAN PIROS -  How many vehicles do you currently have in your fleet?



TOM HARWOOD -  I couldn’t tell you.  I don’t know.  I am a volunteer.  For an example, community busing is contracted to take every school child in Trumbull County to and from school everyday.  They are a very large company and they run all the buses in Hamilton County near Cincinnati.  The fact they are ours and home grown is a plus.


MAYOR -  Is the $460,000 that is coming out of senior levy that will continue to go to transportation?



TOM HARWOOD -  That is a good question and I did not cover that.  The proposal, that is up to the commissioners, but the proposal we made to the commissioners is that the $460,000 stays with the senior levy.  We won’t need that.  Having been the Chair of the Senior Services Advisory Council, we are serve seniors in every segment of care and needs.  What we have recommended is that the $460,000 be recycled into additional funds for services and centers especially additional services for seniors who are in their homes and need personal care service hygiene and the kinds of things that are currently provided through contract Comfort Keepers.  Home protective services, we have a huge and growing demand through Tom Swift and what he has done.  Mobile meals as an example, we figure that they could use an additional $75,000 in funds.  There is no program funding where the amount of money meets the needs.  In every area the amount of need far exceeds the money.  The Senior Service Financial Counsel could use that $460,000 very easily.  Thank you so very much.


PRESIDENT STOCZ -  Is there anyone in the audience who would like to address council?



LAW DIRECTOR -  Frank, I would like to make note of something, I don’t usually ask for the floor.  Several weeks ago a young lady passed away who had been a volunteer on the Landmark Commission for the City of Cortland and her name was Rebecca Smith.  Becky Smith volunteered as a member of the Landmark Commission and probably we worked together on the committee for about 1-1/2 years before we proposed an ordinance to pass legislation to have a Landmark Commission.  It did not ultimately pass, but she was killed at a very young age of 30 in a car accident about 3 weeks ago in Butler PA.  I just wanted to make a note of all the contributions she made to the Landmark Commission while it was up and running in the City.  She came to us a couple of years out of Kent State and she did a lot of research for us and kept the minutes from the meetings and she organized the Commission.  Dee Dee Petrosky, I know would speak highly of her as well having served on the Commission.



PRESIDENT STOCZ -  Thank you, we appreciate that recognition.



A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilman Woofter.  ROLL CALL -  Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye; Petrosky, absent.  MOTION PASSED



                                                                                                            Oct. 17, 2011



Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.






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