The Council of the City of Cortland met in regular session on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. with Council President Stocz presiding.Members of Council present were Dennis Linville, Deidre Petrosky, Kevin Piros, Diana Sweeney and Terry Tackett.Absent was Councilman Woofter. Also at the meeting were Mayor Moll, Law Director Wilson, and Finance Director Moyer.


A motion to approve council minutes from the May 16, 2011 meeting was made by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilman Tackett.ROLL CALL - Woofter, absent; Linville, aye; Petrosky, abstain; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye.MOTION PASSED


A motion to approve the schedule of bills to be paid totaling $182,264.52 was made by Councilman Tackett and seconded by Councilman Linville.ROLL CALL -Petrosky, aye; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye;Tackett, aye; Woofter, aye; Linville, aye.MOTION PASSED


RESOLUTION R-16-11 -A resolution authorizing the Fire Chief to advertise for the sale of equipment, according to the Ohio Revised Code, deemed not necessary for the Fire Department was read and moved by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilwoman Petrosky


COUNCILMAN TACKETT -Do we have a list of the equipment?


FIRE FIGHTER/MEDIC PRICE -There are three heart monitors and they will be available with the delivery of our new monitors which is the next item on the agenda.


COUNCILMAN TACKETT - Is there a value for these?


FIRE FIGHTER/MEDIC PRICE -Yes very much so.The Chief met with Pat Wilson and it was decided the best way was to advertise for bids because of the value.


CLERK OF COUNCIL-I have the ad ready to go to the paper tomorrow and the items can be viewed at the Fire Station and I have your address and phone number included in the ad.


COUNCILMAN TACKETT -By selling these we still have back ups for ourselves?


FIRE FIGHTER/MEDIC PRICE -It will become very clear in the next item by replacing these with brand new ones.These were actually bought around 2000 to replace old ones and now we are going to replace them.


LAW DIRECTOR -If the value was under $1,000 then we would not have needed the authorization.


MAYOR -When you discussed this with Bill, did you talk about having this done on the internet rather than the paper?


LAW DIRECTOR -We talked about it but his preference was to do an ad and people would come in and look at the equipment and he would have a little more control.


CLERK OF COUNCIL -He didnít say anything to me about that.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


COUNCILMAN TACKETT -Are we putting like a bottom price on them?


CLERK OF COUNCIL -In the ad it states that the city has the right to accept or reject any or all bids.


ROLL CALL ON R-16-11 -Linville, aye; Petrosky, aye; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye.RESOLUTION PASSED


ORDINANCE 0-24-11 -an ordinance authorizing the Fire Chief to purchase three (3) Life Pak 15 Cardiac Monitors with accessories was read and moved for first reading by Councilman Piros and seconded by Councilwoman Petrosky.


FIRE FIGHTER/MEDIC PRICE -I have had the privilege of coming to council meetings before.Every year FEMA has a competitive grant that started in about 2001 and we have gotten six of them.This year I put in for (4) Life Pak Monitors, each costing $27,000. They are state of the art and better than the heart monitor that I use at St. Elizabeth's.They are the newest and most updated technology.I put in for four of them and FEMA sent me a nice letter saying thank youfor applying but will you take two.Our dynamics is we have 3 ambulances and pickup truck and we like them all to carry the gear on all of them.I sent a letter back to FEMA politely saying that I would lovetwo monitors but how about a third.They met me half way and Igot a third one.The grant is for $81,000, $76,590 is federal funding and local match is $4,050 which at the end of the day is pretty nice.I will say the FEMA money is drying up.The six grants that we have gotten so far add up to $672,157.Some of that was regional funding, the octagon project, so at the end of the 10 years they have been doing the grant, Cortland has brought in about $300,000.


MAYOR -Much of that has been because of Todd's efforts.


FIRE FIGHTER/MEDIC PRICE †† -Departmentwise we are standing excellent with equipment.There are only a couple departments in the regional counties that have these monitors and we will be one of the first to have them.They will probably last us until I retire.That being said, I will takeany questions.Delivery time is 30 to 45 days.When those are delivered and placed intoservice that is when whoever go the competitive bid or the best bid on the old ones, we will release them.There are several local private and fire dept. that are looking at these because they have the old, old technologies. There will be a home forthose.


PRESIDENT STOCZ -I would just like to say this is a win win situation and you have done an outstanding job with the grants.


ROLL CALL ON 0-24-11 -Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, absent; Linville, aye; Petrosky, aye.ORDINANCE PASSED FIRST READING



MAYOR -I have been looking at the Charter amendments.As you recall last year we had about 23 charter amendments that we were proposing.We passed 10 or 11 last year.We said we will put the rest of them on this year.I guess I would like to discuss that but my feeling is that the election this fall is

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


going to be fairly complex and we might not want to do that. Then I think about next year 2012 and it might even be worse.I am not sure what we want to do, if we want to split them up or not.We need to act on them relatively soon.We may split them into two piles.I just feel like last year with the 10 on, there was concern it was too much reading and too many things on the ballot.We cannot do those in the spring.


CLERK OF COUNCIL -I am not sure if we can or cannot.I just know if you are really serious we have a deadline and we need to prepare them and bring them to council soon.


MAYOR -At any rate we will be dealing with them in the next few weeks.Remind everyone that Soap Box Derby is two weeks from Sat.and Street Fair is weekend after that.There are a lot of activities in town in the next few weeks.

Kevin and I met with the people from cboss last week and discussed the approach for the web site.We are putting together materials to senddown to them.I am doing that and then hopefully in a couple of weeks after that he will have something for us to look at and we will bring that to you and let you see what it will look like.We have a good start.



FINANCE DIRECTOR -The only thing I have this evening is that I have received the forms from the county for preparing the 2012 budget.We will be working on that and the Mayor and Iwill have some tentative figures to bring to the next council meeting for passage.That is all I have unless there are any questions.



OFFICER MORRIS -The new cruiser is on the street.I just want to thank Daffron's, they volunteered to put the graphics on and Wollam Chevrolet did all the paper work for us.We want to thank them both.



FIRE FIGHTER/MEDIC PRICE -There is nothing else to report.



MAYOR -I have a couple of comments.We did have an issue with the chlorinator for the new water tower.We had to order anew pump and I think we are looking at a couple weeks delivery on that.I pushed him back to the 21st and he wants to push me back to the 1st of July but sometime during that period we are going to try and get that tower on line.

We are beginning to get caught up with the other activities around town.




PRESIDENT STOCZ -Is there anyone in the audience who would like to address council this evening?Please feel free by raising your hand and stating your name.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


JOHN CIANCONE -We are here asking for help.We have a lot next to our houses that has not been cut yet this year.We have gone through all the steps, we have wrote letters and we did everything that we were supposed to do to get this lot cut.I have been here 13 years and it is on Fawn Lane and we have neighbors here from Fawn Lane.The address of the lot is 206 I think, it is between 204 and 208.


MAYOR -Is it the one with the gas well on it?


JOHN CIANCONE -Yes it is.We have pictures to show you.There are rodents and we all try to take care of out lots.We really need some help here.


MAYOR -If it has been reported then we are going through the process.We probably have 25 lots like that.


JOHN CIANCONE -Yes but it is owned by someone.


MAYOR -I understand but we have to notify them.We do try and save a little bit ofmoney by not doing a certified letter upfront.We do a regular mail letter.If we don't get a response in a certain amount of time then we do a certified letter and when we get the response from that then we go mowing.


RESIDENT -We are at 4 foot now.


MAYOR -We have a lot of that going on because of the rain.


JOHN CIANCONEThis goes on every single year and I have been there for 13 years and I tried cutting it myself and I don't think the gentleman wants us on his property and I won't go on it ever again.By the time we go through the process it might get cut twice in a whole year.We are asking is there anyway because we go through this year after year.Companies won't want to do it because it will tear up their equipment.


MAYOR -For the most part everybody is behind.We do have the summer employees now and the lack of rain we have been able to mow parks and we are starting on the lots.It is just real late this year.

It was a gas well originally and it stays a gas well until they abandon it.


JOE NIGRIN -I have spoken to Donald Wittman.I spoke to him 27 days ago and let me go back to last year.Dee Daniels was my contact person.I would call her, she would call Ed Repphun and within 3 days the lot was mowed.No problems last year.Now Dee isnot in and I dealt with this Julie and she said how we are doing it now is you have to write a letter.I said I will be there in the morning.Next day I was there with my letter and it has been 26 days and I have talked to Don Wittman and he said what we do and it took him two weeks to write the letter so then he gets the letter written and he said we will give them 5 days.Now we are up to three weeks and he said now we send a certified letter and give them 5 more days and here I am over a month and still not mowed.I told him it was a safety issue that kids running through there saw a rat and he said they shouldn't be trespassing.That isnot the point, we want our grass mowed.They are not my kids.At that point I said we just want the grass mowed.I


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


asked Donald Wittman if he would be here tonight and he said he would.That is why we are all here and he is not here.


COUNCILMAN TACKETT -You made the statement that your contact person was Dee.You actually called her and she actually called the owner.


JOE NIGRIN -Yes and she was great.That was how it was all last year.


MAYOR -The problem we have right now is that this particular owner is backing out of properties here in town and has had some issues.


PAT HALEY -We were told it might be up for sale but it still needs mowed.


JOE NIGRIN -Mr. Wittman told me at the end of the 10 days they would come in and do it and charge $137.00, that has nothing to do with me, but he said at that point the city will go in and cut it.Ok you have had your 10 days.


CLERK OF COUNCIL -They have been out doing some.


JOHN CIANCONE -We would greatly appreciate council's help.We are trying to do everything right but it takes forever.


JOE NIGRIN -If we get it cut or when, what is the procedure because a month ago it was a foot tall.I called when I needed it cut and now it is 4 feet tall.At what point do I call because the day they cut it I can call because I know it will takeanother month.What point do I call?We are just frustrated.††


JOHN CIANCONE -We try hard to keep our yards looking good.We don't expect him to landscape it but just keep it mowed.


COUNCILMAN PIROS -I look at McQuaids and Evon Circle where it was that high and it looks like it should be baled.Is there anything we can do about that?Do they have to pickup the grass when it is mowed?


LAW DIRECTOR -The one property you are talking about is tied up in court.




LAW DIRECTOR -No McQuaids.At least in this particular case these folks are complaining about, we have an owner and we should be able to follow up.


MAYOR -We will do what we can.


BILL GREGA -President of Walnut Run Condo Association.This is my first meeting here but we have had other people attend your meetings.You understand our concerns with flooding.There are two

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


sources of flooding, one being the sanitary sewer and the other being the storm sewer.The storm sewer is probably our responsibility and the sanitary sewer is our complaint against the city.We are asking for some help.I guess there is another issue with the manholes that are right near the creek and when it floods those manholes are under water.There is a seal kit that they make for that and I am sure you are aware of that.I think the ones near the creek should have those put on and I think that might be one of the sources of the water.


MAYOR -I thought we did that once.


BILL GREGA -There are two I can show you that are not done.


MAYOR -Ok, that can be taken care of.I know they have been out in that region flushing sewers in the last couple of weeks.


BILL GREGA -We haven't seen anyone.


MAYOR -They would have been out on Old Oak in that area.It is the whole region that they are doing.


BILL GREGA -We are looking at the storm sewers.


MAYOR -The storm sewers need to be flushed I think.


BILL GREGA -We had a contractor out and he is coming back next week and he will camera it.They are thinking of adding another drain to the creek.They way it is setup one area has 11 storm sewers going through one 16 inch pipe and the others only have three or four.We are thinking about running another line to take the pressure off of that one.We have an estimate to do that.I don't know if we need permits to do that.


MAYOR -Your contractor should take care of all of that. You need to call OOPS.


MRS. CLARK -I was going to ask something but I feel it is point less after what I just heard.These people have been here 13 years and we are new to the area.First impression out of here 3 weeks ago was already bad and George tried to make me feel better about Don Wittman but now listening to them.I calledhim3 weeks ago because we needed a map, we are trying to do our part because we have been floodedtwice in the last few months.We need a map to get a backflow valve put in of where the sewer line comes into the condo.I called the Trumbull County Sanitary Dept. and talked to Scott Verner and he said it was the City of Cortland's responsibility and I would have to call the Service Director, Don Wittman and he gave me his name and I remembered it from the meeting.I called him and he said well I have to find it, pause.I said ok, I need the map.He said your neighbor George has it, why don't you go get it from him.I said ok fine I will bother my neighbor George, who was very gracious to go in his basement and dig in his files and made the copy and gave me the map.The guy came out who is doing our work, it is costing us thousands of dollars, get new sump pumps, battery backups, backflow valve.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


The map is not what he needs.It shows on the road where the sanitary lines are and the storm drains but it doesn't show where it comes into the buildings.


MAYOR -We wouldn't have that.


MRS. CLARK -I told Don Wittman and I gave him my number and said could you find it, you have a couple of weeks and call me back.He hasn't called me back either way to say I don't have it, I can't find it.I am still waiting and in the mean time they are coming out Wed. and they aregoing to charge us $200 to $250 to scope it and do it ourselves.


MAYOR -We don't have drawings of those condos to show that, it is done by the developer.


MRS.CLARK -I called Mike Mellott and he hasn't returned my call.

COUNCILWOMAN PETROSKY - Do we have as-built drawings for the development?


MAYOR -Yes, but I don't think it would show the individual unit sewer connections.


MRS. CLARK -I am here also just to make suresomething was being done.I know Don Wittman said last time within two weeks we will start cleaning out the sewers and I want to make sure that was done.


MAYOR -We are working in that sewer district.


MRS. CLARK - What about our creek?Our creek is a mess and who is responsible for that?†† It needs cleaned out there is brush and trees fallen down so there is blockage.George showed us his records and that he has asked for help with that.


MAYOR -We have been told we can't go into the creek and take things out anymore because of the Army Corps.The Army Corps will not allow us to go into the creek with equipment and pull stuff out.


MRS. CLARK -So what do we do?I don't understand.


MAYOR - That is a good question because they want it to be left pristine and the way it is.


LAW DIRECTOR -I wouldsend a note to the Army Corps, put it in writing and keep a copy and see if you get a response from the Army Corps.


MAYOR -If you call the State park they will give you the name.It is the Pittsburgh District.They do not want us in the creek with heavy equipment.


JOE NIGRIN -One follow up.Was Mr. Wittman supposed to be here?


PRESIDENT STOCZ -Normally he would be here.I do not know the reason why he is not here.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† June 6, 2011


MAYOR -He informed me he was not going to be here and he didn't say why.


JOE NIGRIN - Could you just tell me this.You have another meeting next week


MAYOR -Two weeks.


JOE NIGRIN -Do I bring everybody back if it is not cut? What do I do?I can never get a hold of this guy.It always goes to his voice mail and I call Julie and no he is not in the office.


MAYOR -I would say come back.I don't know what else to tell you.


JOE NIGRIN -I am just asking what to do next.


MAYOR -I don't hear that all the time.It surprises me because he does keep an accurate call log of when people call him and when he gets back to them.

JOE NIGRIN -Did he call you back?




JOE NIGRIN -I understand there is frustration but he made the comment to me. Do you expect me to come and groom your lot every two weeks?I said I didn't ask you to cut it, it has an owner.I am just asking to get it cut.I said you get this cut three times a year and you will never hear from me again.


A motion to hold an executive session to discuss labor negotiations with Council, Mayor, Law Director and Finance Director in attendance was made by Councilman Linville and seconded by Councilman Piros.ROLL CALL -Petrosky, aye; Piros, aye; Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, absent; Linville, aye.MOTION PASSED


Council went into executive session at 7:30 p.m.


Council meeting resumed at 7:50 p.m.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Councilman Tackett and seconded by Councilman Linville.ROLL CALL -Stocz, aye; Sweeney, aye; Tackett, aye; Woofter, absent; Linville, aye; Petrosky, aye; Piros, aye.MOTION PASSED


Council meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.



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