1.  Roll Call
  2. Approval of Council Minutes from the Nov. 7, 2011 meeting.
  3. Approval of Schedule of Bills to be paid – Totaling $  33,029.79
  4. RESOLUTION R-35-11 -  a resolution of jurisdictional support for the lower Mosquito Creek Watershed Balanced Growth Plan.  SUBMITTED BY MAYOR
  5. RESOLUTION R-36-11 -  a resolution adopting the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  SUBMITTED BY MAYOR
  6. RESOLUTION R-37-11 -  a resolution authorizing the Mayor of the City of Cortland, Ohio to place his signature on the replat of lot 335 of Shephard’s Hill Allot. Plat No. 6 new lot known as lot 335A.  SUBMITTED BY SERVICE DIRECTOR
  7. ORDINANCE 0-57-11 -  an ordinance authorizing an agreement for legal defense for indigents.  SECOND READING
  8. ORDINANCE 0-58-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Finance to transfer $100,000.00 from the Fire Levy Fund to the Fire Improvement Fund.  EMERGENCY – SUBMITTED BY FINANCE DIRECTOR
  9. ORDINANCE 0-59-11 -  an annual ordinance for the City of Cortland, County of Trumbull, State of Ohio, for fiscal year ending on the 31st day of December 2011.EMERGENCY.  SUBMITTED BY FINANCE DIRECTOR
  10. ORDINANCE 0-60-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the City of Cortland to prepare and submit an application for the downtown waterline  replacement– phase I to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and/or local transportation improvement program and to execute contracts as required.  FIRST READING – SUBMITTED BY SERVICE DIRECTOR
  11. ORDINANCE 0-61-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Law Director of the City of Cortland to proceed with the annexation of the water wellfield property owned by the City of Cortland and located in the Township of Bazetta.  FIRST READING – SUBMITTED BY MAYOR
  12. Mayor’s Report:  Finance Director’s Report:  Police Chief’s Report:

Fire Chief’s Report:  Service Director’s Report

  1.  Committee Reports
  2. Anyone in the Audience with questions of Council.
  3. Adjourn meeting.