1.  Roll Call


            2.  Approval of Council Minutes from the Sept. 19, 2011 meeting.


            3.  Approval of Schedule of Bills to be paid totaling  $ 87,565.47


            4.  RESOLUTION R-32-11 -  a resolution accepting the amount and rates as    determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and             certifying them to the County Auditor. SUBMITTED BY FINANCE       DIRECTOR


            5.  ORDINANCE 0-51-11 -  an ordinance amending 0-27-11 establishing the terms       of  employment of the water/sewer billing clerk of the City of Cortland, Ohio.    SECOND  READING


            6.  ORDINANCE 0-52-11 -  an ordinance amending ordinance amending ordinance       0-32-11 to approve and authorize a revision to the collective bargaining contract   between the City of Cortland and the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association.      SECOND READING


            7.  ORDINANCE 0-53-11 -  an ordinance approving the editing and inclusion of            certain ordinances         as parts of the various component codes of the codified       ordinances of Cortland, Ohio and to amend or     enact sections of the traffic, general   offenses and fire prevention code to conform to enactment of the General Assembly.        EMERGENCY – SUBMITTED BY MAYOR


            8.  ORDINANCE 0-54-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a             contract with Foust Construction, Inc., for the Heritage Heights Storm Sewer            Improvements Project.  FIRST READING– SUBMITTED BY SERVICE             DIRECTOR


            9.  Mayor’s Report:  Finance Director’s Report:  Police Chief’s Report:

                 Fire Chief’s Report:  Service Director’s Report


            10.  Anyone in the audience with questions of Council.


            11.  Adjourn meeting.