1.         Roll Call


2.         Approval of Council Minutes from the March 7, 2011 meeting.


3.         Approval of Schedule of Bills to be Paid - Totaling $ 207,106.46


4.         ORDINANCE 0-02-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Finance Director to transfer        $149,271.75 from the General Fund to the Parks and Recreation Fund.  THIRD           READING


5.         ORDINANCE 0-08-11 -  an annual appropriation ordinance for the City of Cortland,      County of Trumbull, State of Ohio, for fiscal year ending on the 31st day of     December 2011.  EMERGENCY - SUBMITTED BY FINANCE DIRECTOR


6.         ORDINANCE 0-09-11 -  an ordinance repealing ordinance 0-07-08 for providing for      the Council of the City of Cortland, Ohio to set policy for benefits and wages for the           Clerk of Council.  EMERGENCY -SUBMITTED BY COUNCIL PRESIDENT


7.         ORDINANCE 0-10-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract     with Foust Construction, Inc. for the Stahl Estates Storm Sewer and Watermain           Improvements Project.  EMERGENCY - SUBMITTED BY SERVICE        DIRECTOR


8.         ORDINANCE 0-11-11 -  an ordinance authorizing the Service Director to rent equipment and purchase materials to seal pavement cracks or joints with a hot            applied crack sealant material.  FIRST READING - SUBMITTED BY SERVICE        DIRECTOR


9.         ORDINANCE 0-12-11-  an ordinance authorizing the Fire Chief to purchase a utility      box for the medic truck.  FIRST READING - SUBMITTED BY FIRE CHIEF


10.       Mayor's Report:  Finance Director's Report:  Police Chief's Report:

            Fire Chief's Report:  Service Director's Report


11.       Committee Reports


12.       Anyone from the audience with questions of council.